Tuna salad

When a little pug puppy joined us a few months ago we bought him some tuna to use as a part of his meals. Then it came to mind that we could of course eat it as well and not only serve it as dog food.

We used one can of yellowfin tuna earlier when one extra person shared our dinner and the salmon we made would not have been enough for us all (which was not true… it would have been enough). However, tuna was a nice and tasty part of our meal.

When staring at the tuna cans in the cupboard I suddenly felt like wanting to have some tuna salad. Because there seemed to be all the needed ingredients, I just made some… and not only some. The portion was too huge for one person – I don’t yet know if I can finish it myself or will I end up giving my dogs some extra treats.

PORTION: 3 servings:
TIME TO MAKE: 20 minutes


  • 1 can of yellowfin tuna (150gr)
  • 3 dl boiled pasta
  • iceberg salad
  • cucumber
  • cherry tomatoes
  • yellow bell pepper
  • cottage cheese
  • finger salt (lemon flavoured)
  • Santa Maria SeaFood & Fish spice
  • fresh parsley
  • some vegetable oil (or some oil from the tune can)
  • boiled eggs

Boil eggs (8-9 min) and pasta. Let cool down.

Put 3 dl pasta in a serving bowl.

Cut iceberg salad, cucumber and yellow bell pepper. Add in the bowl.

Cut tomatoes in halves and add in the bowl.

Add tuna.

Add three tablespoons of cottage cheese, some finely crushed finger salt, crushed Sea Food & Fish spice and some oil.

Toss well.

Decorate with eggs and parsley.

And enjoy!


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