Garlic pork fillets and cauliflower chutney

Unlike my normal preparations of such fillets these are only marinated in garlic, lemon and salt.

Pork sirloin roast wrapped in bacon

This big pork sirloin roast was served when I had guests over, frankly I would say that is the only appropriate place for it. I just wouldn’t have the heart to share it just with my husband.

Pork and vegetable casserole

And here we have a dish which really wouldn’t need any kind of recipe. Meat can be anything from pork or beef to chicken, while the vegetables and spices can be chosen according to one’s own preferences. How much to make it depends on the size of the used pot and the number of diners….

Pork escalopes

We can say that pork escalopes are quite quick to make if you don’t count the marinating. Then again marinating is a job that only takes minutes and it truly pays off when it comes to taste.