Deep-fried shrimps and spinach risotto

And again an easy-to-make food… even easier if you make pasta instead of arborio rice – or f.ex. basmati or yasmin rice.

Little tales from my kitchen part 2.

  Flatroll I have made my first cakes and rolls back in the day when I didn’t have any electric mixers or alike to help whisk the dough. Lacking the proper technique as well, it was hard work. You could whisk forever and ever, and still not get the results you would hope for. So…

Smoked whitefish casserole

Smoked fish is an excellent filling for sandwiches and you can also use it for salads. One good way to finish off the leftover is to make smoked fish casserole.

Five fresh salads

Like on the previous salad post, I will not include exact amounts of different ingredients, but rather focus on the different combinations of flavours. Everyone can make the salads as they prefer, and you can easily leave out, replace or add different ingredients. The dressings can be made based on one’s own preference – I…

Pasta sauce with chicken and pork loin slices

The differences between various sauces is usually very slight, but it can still be quite remarkable. Just adding or changing  one or two ingredients means a lot for the final result.

Sesame seed coated chicken wings and teriyaki sauce

While I’m very well aware of the poor conditions most chickens live in, I still go to the grocery store and buy a pack of chicken legs, wings or fillets without thinking too much where they came from

Salted nut crispbread

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as gluten free rye flour, so I’ve had to come up with other substitutes. Semper’s Grov Mix -flour mix and buckwheat flour have been the best ones I’ve tried.