Smoked whitefish casserole

Smoked fish is an excellent filling for sandwiches and you can also use it for salads. One good way to finish off the leftover is to make smoked fish casserole.

Breaded cod baked in the oven

Between the covers of my oldest cookbook there is a recipe for the pike of Hamburg. With the very same recipe you can also make cod instead.

Salmon carpaccio

Fish is pretty much always delicious, no matter how you prepare it. Salmon is pretty much always delicious, no matter how you prepare it. And if you ask me, raw salted fish is the most delicious of them all.

Scallops in garlic sauce

There has been and there still are lots of dishes which I haven’t had time to taste or that I haven’t been very eager to taste. There still are lots of dishes which I would love to get to know or which I never will hear anything about.

Salmon rae jelly

Before these salmon rae “cakes” we used to eat fish rye with smetana, black pepper and chopped onion, but once you have tasted this jelly the old way does not taste that good any longer.

Smetana herring

Smetana herring is a perfect food even on sultry days, it always tastes good. It is very easy to make and you need to use your stove only to cook eggs and potatoes.

Flamed salmon

I have occasionally eaten flamed salmon and liked it a lot, but this was the first time it occurred to me that I could make it myself as well. It is really worth trying, the fish was just outstanding.

Oven baked salmon with garlic potato cakes

Garlic potato cakes are the real crown of this meal. The taste of this side dish barely differs from garlic potatoes made some other way, but the appearance is quite pretty.

Jansson’s temptation

Jansson’s temptation (Janssons frestelse) is a traditional Swedish gratin-style dish made of potatoes, leek or onion, anchovies or sprats  and cream. This dish is also common in Finland and known as “Jannssonin kiusaus”.