Rosemary potatoes

These potatoes go well with any meat or fish meals, and I think they would work well with chicken as well.

Oven baked salmon with garlic potato cakes

Garlic potato cakes are the real crown of this meal. The taste of this side dish barely differs from garlic potatoes made some other way, but the appearance is quite pretty.

Cooked herb potatoes

If you for a change want to taste something other than just cooked potatoes, try these made with herbs

Baked garlic potato wedges

Very easy and quick way to make tasty potatoes to be served with meat, fish or poultry. You can make these potato wedges with or without garlic .

Hasselback potatoes

These potatoes are something I make when the meal contains some “wet” parts like tzatziki, mushroom salad, vegetables cooked in cream etc.

Oven baked potatoes with herbs

No matter which way you prepare potatoes they are always good, not to mention cheap and easy to make. Simply one of the best inventions in the world – the potato!