Little tales from my kitchen part 2.

  Flatroll I have made my first cakes and rolls back in the day when I didn’t have any electric mixers or alike to help whisk the dough. Lacking the proper technique as well, it was hard work. You could whisk forever and ever, and still not get the results you would hope for. So…

Little tales from my kitchen, part. 1

No one is born a master. Cooking is one of the things that requires practice, sometimes through trial and error.

Food leftover delicacies

All kinds of half-used foods not to mention leftovers are generally found in the depths of anyone’s fridge, but there is no point to throw them away on the spot.

What, is it really edible!?

Coconut oil has been around for quite some time, but has never really been extensively used. My mother used to bake doughnuts in coconut oil and I have used it when making truffles but that’s all.

Quite a drink to keep you healthy

On the advice of my eldest daughter I include a particular drink in my daily routines – a drink, which I first called “Poison”, owing to its bad taste. I could hardly swallow it at first, but nowadays I even enjoy the taste.

Best food in the world – mushrooms!

Karelian and Russian people have always used mushrooms as a part of  their diet, and the evacuees brought this delicacy to the Finnish kitchens – although they were met with quite a lot of prejudice.

Eeek, here it begins…

  Today was finally the big day when my very own food blog was published and I’m really, really curious to see how this will be received. I constantly find myself thinking about food, like what shall I cook today, tomorrow, how should I prepare it, where should I take the pictures, what to make…