Five fresh salads

Like on the previous salad post, I will not include exact amounts of different ingredients, but rather focus on the different combinations of flavours. Everyone can make the salads as they prefer, and you can easily leave out, replace or add different ingredients. The dressings can be made based on one’s own preference – I…

Three fresh salads

I’ll publish the recipes for these three salads without any amount of ingredients. Make as much as you feel is needed.

Mushroom salad

A mushroom salad tastes delicious with meat and fish and it is also great as a topping on a slice of bread, or even on its own. It is simply a dish I truly enjoy.

Salad with halloumi and pine nuts

Vegetable salads get a whole new flavor when you add just a couple of new ingredients: in this case those changes come through roasted halloumi and roasted pine nuts.