Good things come to those who wait

Simmering food on low temperature is an old tradition to which electrical slow cooker pots have brought a new dimension.

Salmon soup

Most of the traditional homemade foods and dishes have passed from mothers to daughters through generations and salmon soup is one of those.

Creamy celery and zucchini soup

Really tasty creamy soup made of celery and zucchini. There is just nothing more to say about it, it is simply good! Go ahead and try!

Summery soup Julienne

Since the days are already cold and grey it really is time to make this summery soup to remind us of those warm and shiny months.

Two champignon soups

Well, so I get down to it! I gathered all the ingredients and started to prepare our meal. And I truly nailed it: as a result we had an excellent soup which immediately became a contender in the category “best soup ever”.

Vegetable soup with minced meat

This soup is something I call  “Sirkku’s mishmash-soup”, made of all kinds of leftover vegetables and root vegetables in my fridge.