Lambkin roast with “French fries” made of Halloumi

This time we were ready for fried halloumi. Sanna Kekäläinen, the author of the article, served halloumi with mayonnaise, but I would rather use smetana, and instead of Gochujang chili paste I used Sambal Oelek chili sauce.

Broiler thin cutlets and halloumi slices wrapped in zucchini

I’m happy that  we can make good meals outdoors, which was almost impossible last summer because of steady rains. This time there were halloumi slices wrapped in zucchini and broiler thin cutlets in our Muurikka.

Salad with halloumi and pine nuts

Vegetable salads get a whole new flavor when you add just a couple of new ingredients: in this case those changes come through roasted halloumi and roasted pine nuts.