Pasta sauce with chicken and pork loin slices

The differences between various sauces is usually very slight, but it can still be quite remarkable. Just adding or changing  one or two ingredients means a lot for the final result.


Sesame seed coated chicken wings and teriyaki sauce

While I’m very well aware of the poor conditions most chickens live in, I still go to the grocery store and buy a pack of chicken legs, wings or fillets without thinking too much where they came from

Broiler thin cutlets and halloumi slices wrapped in zucchini

I’m happy that  we can make good meals outdoors, which was almost impossible last summer because of steady rains. This time there were halloumi slices wrapped in zucchini and broiler thin cutlets in our Muurikka.

Duck breast filled with goat cheese

The baked duck breast in the photo above is already the third attempt within quite a short period of time. The two previous ones were delicious but I didn’t succeed in taking proper pictures of them, and while this third one isn’t very good either it will just have to do.