Filled anchovy eggs

Every now and then my thoughts take some funny turns. I was cooking eggs and that’s how this all started. “Apu” is a weekly Finnish magazine which used to publish drawings explaining Finnish words, but not quite in their original meaning. When watching those eggs boiling, I suddenly remembered the word “muna-anjovis” (egg anchovy in English) and the bawdy drawing of a fish with big balls (Finnish word “munat” means not only eggs but also balls).  

From that naughty fish my thoughts swiftly moved to Christmas Eves years ago. With anchovy, red onion and yellow egg yolk filled “eggboats” were one dish on the banquet table. I seem to recall that they were quite tasty, and well I just had to try whether my memory was correct or not.

And what happened? I made those cute little boats and I have to say that they were just as good as I remembered them. Filled eggs halves are actually a side dish, so two halves are enough for one diner.  This time though we ate them as a main dish with cooked potatoes and that’s why we cooked two eggs per diner. We really enjoyed the meal and this is definitely worth trying!

PORTION: as a side dish for 4, as a main dish for 2 persons
TIME TO MAKE: about half an hour


  • 4 eggs
  • 3 anchovy fillets
  • 5 teaspoons of really finely cut red onion
  • 1 teaspoon of oil
  • smetana
  • capers

You need hard boiled eggs. So put the eggs in a kettle so that they are all well covered with water. Heat the kettle on high heat and boil the eggs for about 9 minutes. After that cool the eggs immediately in cold water. Let them stay a while here.

Cut the eggs in halves (lengthwise), separate the yolks and put them into a bowl. Be careful not the break the egg white.

Add finely cut anchovies, very finely cut onion and just a little bit of oil in the bowl and use a fork to mix them into a very fine mash. If you want to use a cake piper when putting the mixture in egg whites, make the mash fine and fluid enough to ensure that it comes through the tip. If you find it easier you can also fill the boats with a spoon.

Serve with slightly salt and black pepper spiced smetana or sour cream and capers.

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