Breaded cod baked in the oven

Between the covers of my oldest cookbook there is a recipe for the pike of Hamburg. With the very same recipe you can also make cod instead.

Salmon carpaccio

Fish is pretty much always delicious, no matter how you prepare it. Salmon is pretty much always delicious, no matter how you prepare it. And if you ask me, raw salted fish is the most delicious of them all.

Smetana herring

Smetana herring is a perfect food even on sultry days, it always tastes good. It is very easy to make and you need to use your stove only to cook eggs and potatoes.

Flamed salmon

I have occasionally eaten flamed salmon and liked it a lot, but this was the first time it occurred to me that I could make it myself as well. It is really worth trying, the fish was just outstanding.

Spicy salmon medallions

It must be at least ten years ago, when I happened to read an English cookbook in the library and found a recipe for salmon medallions prepared in a very delicious way.

Baked salmon with fennels

Some of you might be a little sceptical when it comes to fennels because of their strong anise flavour, but I really recommend tasting them at least once.

Gravlax and baked potatoes

Salted raw fish is one of the real favorites of all our family, even my three daughters have stuffed themselves with it since they’ve been very, very young.
White fish is possibly the best one when made raw,  but it is a very close race with salmon.