Sausages and French fries

In my previous blog entry I said that quite a time has passed since I published the blog entry before this previous one. Time between those two entries was about four months. Now I was just about to write that quite a time had passed since the previous one… only to notice that I haven’t written anything in one and a half years!

What happens to time, where does it go? I just can’t understand how more than a year passes like a heartbeat. Then again, there have been many big changes and upheavals in my life – so it’s no wonder if I have suddenly lost all the sense of time.

Let the changes be! Though one very essential issue in relation to them has to be mentioned, because it has a great influence on keeping a food blog. In February last year my husband moved away and my daughter and her boyfriend moved in instead. Unfortunately they decided to break up after six months living here and now they are walking on their own paths. 

Now I’m trying to fill this 145 square meter house with the help of my three pugs. As a matter of fact I enjoy this privacy, my own good company, the gentle presence of small pugs, empty cupboards and the possibility to center on my own hobbies. 

Making food has always been one of my great ambitions, but this situation diminishes it a lot. That in turn will affect the number of new recipes to publish. Though I love making food, eating instead is a very social event for me. When I’m all alone I do not want to experience the pains of creating a delicious meal entirety – I’ll rather sit watching TV and eat sausages and French fries.

From one thing to another. At some point last year I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to pay for the English site just for the sake of layout, if the number of visitors is as low as it has been. So I cancelled the contract and sat down with the free version. Only to realize that in my eyes all of those free versions look more or less ugly. Now I have a new contract and the English site is renewed and quite pretty.

At the same time I got excited to go through all the old posts both in Finnish and English sites. When I started with these blogs a few years ago I didn’t have the possibilities of Lightroom for image editing, which really showed up in the results. Now I have re-edited every single image in Lightroom and then uploaded them back to the sites. Most of them look great now, but there were unfortunately some poor photos nothing to be done with as well. Well, life is life and this is a good point to go forward from.

Luckily I still have numerous of unpublished recipes to post in future. Hopefully summer, summer evenings and all the meals with family will bring more to publish. I’m not going to bother you just with sausages and potatoes.

With Love, 


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