Broiled vendaces

Really easy summer food to make, especially if one buys pre-gutted vendaces. On the other hand a handy host or hostess gutts them in a moment. Broiled vencades indeed are so simple to make that one would not necessarily need any recipe.

Small vencades are more comfortable to eat, fish bones downright melt in the mouth. When broiling them, “middle-sized” vencades are however possibly more worth using. They will not fall through the holes of the hinged gridiron.

This dish had only cooked potatoes, fresh salad and very simple sour cream sauce on the side. Sour cream was seasoned only with some garlic, salt and black pepper.

PORTION: 3-4 servings
TIME TO MAKE: soaking for about 30 minutes, broiling for about 10 minutes


  • gutted vendaces, about 10 per serving
  • salt
  • butter


Soak the vendaces for about 30 minutes in slightly salted water.

Drain the water.

Put the vencades in a hinged gridiron and drizzle them with melted butter.

halstratut muikut 3-2

Grill on both sides (on open fire) until evenly cooked and nicely golden brown.

halstratut muikut 2-2


Tags: broiled vencades finnish cuisine hinged gridiron broiling

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