Honeydew and feta salad

In the end of November 2018 I published a recipe “Broccoli in pine seed butter” (in Finnish, recently published also in English) and it belongs to the series “delicious food, that is easy to make with just a few ingredients”. And here comes another which is surprisingly tasty salad in all its simplicity.

Without further ado, let’s start. As usually, I will not include exact amounts of different ingredients – everyone can make more or less as they prefer. Use spring onion and Feta as it suits your taste buds.

PORTION: as much as needed
TIME TO MAKE: 10 minutes


Feta cheese or any similar salad cheese
spring onion (scallion)
vegetable oil

Peel and cut the honeydew in small cubes

Cut Feta in small pieces and mix with honeydew cubes.

Chop in a few green leaves of spring onions.

Add some oil and mix well.

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