Gluten free carrot and oatmeal bread

Whenever I have baked buns, baguettes or bread I have wondered about the taste and consistency of all the gluten free breads sold in stores – how can they be so poor and tasteless. The same is also true about sweet pastries, of course you can eat them, but they don’t evoke any kind of desires.

As I have mentioned already it has taken me several attempts to arrive at the recommended amount of flour, and while gluten free doughs do not need as much flour as the regular ones, and the buns have to be baked using a “looser” dough, I think I have found a good balance through trial and error. For example the first bread made of carrots and oatmeal found its way straight to trash, and it took some tries before I was happy with the final result.  

This recipe is suitable for a 25cm bread tin.

PORTION: 1 bread in a 25 cm tin
TIME TO MAKE: dough 10 minutes, rising in tin 20 minutes, baking 1 hour


  • 5 dl water
  • 6 dl Semper Grow Mix gluten free flour mix
  • 3 dl clean oatmeal
  • 50 gr yeast
  • 1½ teaspoons of salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons of psyllium powder
  • 1 big or 2 medium sized carrot
  • vegetable oil
  • sesame seed

Crumble the yeast into the baking bowl and sprinkle the salt on it.

Crate in the carrot(s).

Add oatmeal, psyllium and egg.

Pour in 5 dl of hand warm water.

Add the flour little by little, kneading all the time. 6 dl of flours is more than enough. Do not add any extra, even though the dough may feel still tacky. You can add some vegetable oil (about ½ dl) and knead it well into the dough to ease handling.

Spread the dough evenly into the bread tin. Let it rise under a towel in a warm place for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 200°C (392°F).

After the dough has risen for about 20 minutes sprinkle some sesame seeds on it.

Bake on the low rack for about 1 hour or until the bread surely is evenly baked. Use a wooden skewer and take the bread out of the oven as soon as the pastry doesn’t stick.

Let it cool for a while before unmolding it.

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