Venison roast

When my daughter and her boyfriend moved to another apartment some time ago I had the good luck to find about three pounds of venison in their freezer. It would probably have stayed there forever if I hadn’t asked whether I could take it and make them a delicious meal. With pleasure, they answered.

So for once there was this somewhat rare delicacy on our dinner table as well. Venison is such a tasty meat that I really have to start paying attention to sales. I found a couple of online stores selling it, however the strong reduction of elk population over the last few years have affected the supply of venison in the online stores as well. But I won’t give up and will keep looking.

When making an oven roast, I always use a roasting thermometer. Clocks or minutes are not reliable enough – meat jumps surprisingly fast from 55°C to 70°C (from 131°F to 158°F), at which time many good roast have already lost most of their succulence.

The recipe for Brussels sprouts in cream sauce can be found here.

PORTION: 4 servings
TIME TO MAKE: seasoning 24 hours, baking about 30 minutes


  • 800-900 gr venison (roast elk)
  • black pepper
  • rose pepper
  • green pepper
  • sea salt

Grate black, rose and green peppers enough to cover the roast evenly. Grate about one tablespoon of sea salt. Mix peppers and salt. Rub the mixture evenly all over the roast and then wrap it in a tin foil. Let it season for about 24 hours.

Preheat the oven to 150°C (302°F)

Put the roast in a roasting bag and roasting thermometer right in the middle of the thickest part of the roast.

Seal the bag but remember to cut a hole on the upper corner of the bag, otherwise the bag will burst.

When the thermometer show 57-60°C (135-140°F), the roast is ready and at its best.

Cut in thin slices and serve.

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