Vegetables and pork meat baked in Muurikka griddle pan

When the summer began, it really rushed in. On the First of May we were still forced to change our plans to make food outdoors because of steady rain and cold weather. Since that the weather has been shiny and hot every single day. Our garden has to be watered all the time because it hasn’t rained a drop and I very much want to keep my lawn green and all the flower seedlings alive.

There certainly has been years when May has been really cold, but this year brought a May with sultry days. Evenings and nights have been warm and gentle and we have been able to eat the occasional meal outdoors. Our 20 years old Muurikka griddle pan has done its job and is now hanging on the wall of our shed enjoying a well-deserved retirement. And now the new griddle pan has “officially” opened the barbecue season of this year.

The Muurikka griddle pan is a legend in Finland and we really love to roast our food in it. Muurikka’s basic idea is in the background: people gathering together to have a good time and good food.

We generally use potatoes or rice as a basic ingredients when making “casseroles” in the griddle pan, but this time we made a bit lighter version and left out both potatoes and rice. And it was really good!

If your pan is new and you haven’t used it yet, clean it first by washing it with hot water and dry it. Wipe the pan with oil all over the top surface, but do not let the centre of the pan get covered by a thicker layer of fat or grease. Heat up the pan on your grill or open fire until the grease darkens and dries. If needed, repeat the treatment until the pan turns black.


PORTION: 2 servings
TIME TO MAKE: preparation 20 minutes, frying about 30 minutes


  • 300 gr shredded pork
  • ½ small zucchini
  • 2 red chili peppers
  • 1 small red bell pepper
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 3 white asparagus
  • 3 green asparagus
  • spring onion
  • oil
  • salt, black pepper, paprika powder
  • lemon juice

Put the finely cut onion and minced garlic cloves in a small bowl. Cut bell pepper and chili pepper in small pieces and put them in the same bowl.

Cut the zucchini in small cubes and cut also both white and green asparagus also in small pieces. Put them in another small bowl.

Then carry all the ingredients out and start making you dinner.

Build a roaring fire in your fire ring and let it burn down to a hot bed of coals. Place the Muurikka pan over the heat. Add a few sticks to the fire so that some flame licks the bottom of the pan.

Pour in a large splash of oil. When the oil starts smoking stir in the shredded pork and season with salt, pepper and paprika powder.

Stir in the onion, garlic, bell pepper and chili pepper and let it simmer for about ten minutes. Add some oil if needed and also add some sticks to keep the pan hot.

Finally stir in the zucchini and asparagus. Let it simmer for about ten minutes. Add some salt and pepper if needed. Finish with some lemon juice and finely cut spring onion (if you want). Eat and enjoy!

Always clean the pan right after use and while it is still warm. Pour water on to it, boil it up and clean with a spatula or a wire brush and finish with paper towels. You can also put a thin layer of cooking oil on the frying surface and spread it with paper towels.

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