Eeek, here it begins…

Today was finally the big day when my very own food blog was published and I’m really, really curious to see how this will be received.

I constantly find myself thinking about food, like what shall I cook today, tomorrow, how should I prepare it, where should I take the pictures, what to make next weekend, what to serve my guests and so on. Of course most of the dishes have been made many times before by other people, but I want to add a little variation; a couple of different ingredients, changing some herbs or spices, adding a slight twist. In other words I believe I can carry my own little straw into the stack of the food world.

The primary purpose of a meal is to nourish of course, but I happen to know some people who do not care a bit about what they eat or how it tastes as long as their stomachs will be filled. I dare say that I am not one of those people; if I eat I want something that tastes nice. When I was younger I could go for weeks on nothing but sandwiches and coffee – but as time goes by things change, making and enjoying a good meal becomes more and more important until one day where you realize it is one of the greatest joys in life.

There are exceptions of course, some times when I am home all alone I do not pay much attention to what I eat, I can easily spend a day or two eating sausages, egg, french fries or something like that. As a change it can be quite tasty, but to me eating is more than just the food, it is to a great extent a social event with laughter, conversation and maybe a few glasses of good wine. As the saying goes “good food, better mood”, but then again “good mood, even better food”, because the joy of cooking a meal is reflected in the results.

Take your time and enjoy your visit to the “Food Circus”!


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